― Tech Up North Ltd ―

About The Company

Tech Up North Ltd is a small private limited company from Yorkshire, England.

Tech Up North Ltd is Company Number10340164 registered in England and Wales.

So small we're classed as a micro-entity. We think this size allows the personal care and attention to detail that our customers are looking for.

Our trade is Intellectual Property involving Information Technology. Most particularly high quality Software Development. The nature of this niche means we deal exclusively with business Clients.

VAT Registration

Tech Up North Ltd is registered for VAT in England and Wales. Our VAT number is 255 3287 94.

Unless otherwise state, please expect our quotes to exclude VAT and


As you'd expect, Tech Up North Ltd carries a comprehensive range of insurance including Professional, Employers and Public Liability. We often deliver highly confidential projects. The nature of the business means we typically bolt-on additional insurance packages to match the needs of a project.

About Our Offices

We're often out and about. As an Information Technology company, most of our affairs are virtual. Physical premises would just tie us down.

Registered Office

Here in England, Limited Stock Companies have quite a distinct insular tradition. Things are just that little bit different.

As small companies are oft want to do, our accountants manage our Registered Office. That's why it's in Leicester, not Yorkshire.

Tech Up North Ltd
Windsor House Troon Way Business Centre,
Humberstone Lane,

If you wish to inspect the document made available under The Company Act, address formal communications return to The Company or serve legal notices of any sort then this is the right address.

Correspondence Address

We have a correspondence address in Leeds, Yorkshire. We try to pick mail from there regularly but it's mostly aimed at suppliers and so on. Please use the Registered Office for anything that needs to get through.