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The Information Commissioner

You might be wondering about the GDPR, a European law aimed at data about EU persons.

Well ― as you might have guessed ― Tech Up North Ltd is based in Yorkshire, England.

This is England. Matters are just a little bit different here on this side of the Channel. Every person in the world is entitled to enjoy protections broadly equivalent to the GDPR for a start.

And unlike continental concerns, Tech Up North Ltd is obliged specially to the The Information Commissioner. Please feel free to read all about the ICOand the specific ways that data is protected here in England.

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Tech Up North Ltd trades in Intellectual Property to businesses only. Unsolicited contact from the General Public is strongly discouraged.

If you wish to complain about the personally identifying data which Tech Up North tries hard not to collect about readers of this content then please write to theRegistered Officeor contact the The Information Commissioner.


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